He is was born in Beykoz, İstanbul. He is began to work as a cartoonist in the Ustura humor magazine and worked until end the magazine. (1994-1997) Between 1994 and 1998, he worked as a cartoonist and graphic designer in a national newspaper and news magazine. Cartoon corners and lines were published in Gırgır and Zıpır humor magazines. (1999-2000) He is worked as an art director in Hayat Publishing Group. (2000-2003) He is worked as a cartoonist, cartoon editor and graphic designer in Cafcaf humor magazine, Hacamat humor magazine and CF magazine (May 2007-December 2015). He is drew corner the NefretimEverest, Babayani, Hesap Adamı, Metrobüsman, ResimliTivit, İronik Aforizmalar and Merdümgiriz. He is was the coordinator and jury member of the International Wise City Kocaeli Cartoon Contest held in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of 1st and 2nd place. (Including corporate designs.) (2017-2018) He was the event advisor and jury member of the KarikatürIstanbul Festival organized by TÜGVA and İBB. (2017) Organized by the Ensar Foundation Turkey’s Value Awards cartoon category of jury made its membership. (2016-2017 and 2018) The organized by Mirasımız Association 1st 2nd and 3rd International Our Heritage Jerusalem Cartoon Contest, he is did as the coordinator and jury member. (2017-18-19) He is also the coordinator of 4th contest. (2018) He is also working as a cartoon teacher in the projects of Cartoon School within the body of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Eyüpsultan Municipality. (2017-18 / 2018-19 / 2019-20) Since 2004, he has been working in the design office called Design Monsters, where he works on visual design, web design and draw. He is still continues to work on cartoons, illustrations and cartoons for the resolution for Karar newspaper. He is the founder and chairman of the UWC Association (Union of World Cartoonists), a member of more than 1530 professional cartoonists, representing 52 countries. He is the editor-in-chief of UWC’s Cartoon Magazine (Period: 3 months) and Zoka humor magazine (Period: 3 months). Published Works: Karikatürlerim // Sarmaşık Publishing // Cartoon - 2001 Nefretim Everest // Cafcaf Publishing // Cartoon Album - 2015 Babayani // AZ Book Publishing // Cartoon - 1st Edition 2016 / 2nd Edition 2018 Koomik Karikatürler // Akıllı Zebra Book Publishing // Cartoon - 1st Edition 2019
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